Do we have to eat the snails? 

Yesterday, I received an invitation to book some dates for our next trip to France.  We only returned from this year’s trip on Friday.  I am still recovering from the sleepless nights and the weeks of preparation that cast every other task on my to-do list into oblivion.  Do I really want to start another... Continue Reading →

Online learning

“Baby shark, du du da dudadu, Baby shark du du da dudadu!” I turn round to see my 10-year-old with a big smile on her face, singing inanely.  Clearly, she’s finished her lesson and by the sound of it, she’s quite pleased with herself.  Unfortunately, I am not in the same merry position.  I started... Continue Reading →

Just a fun quiz…

The class stride in, oblivious to their fate, expectant faces waiting to see what fun activities lie in store today.  “Where’s the learning objective, miss?”  “What’s the mystery word?”  “What are we doing today, miss?”  Already they sense that something is amiss.  Their rituals are missing.  They start to shift uneasily, eyeing me in their seats. ... Continue Reading →

Do we praise our children too much?

We all welcome praise, but are some types of praise better than others and would it be better if we could all find incentives within us rather than relying on outside factors beyond our control? My son's history homework recently was to produce his own family tree. I sat down with him and we talked... Continue Reading →

Gifted and talented?

If Einstein couldn’t talk until he was 4 or read until he was 7 (which is apparently the case) and Didier Drogba studied accountancy before finding himself playing for Chelsea at the mature age of 26, how can we hope to spot the gifted and talented amongst the cherished progeny that walk through our gates? ... Continue Reading →

Grandparents Day

It is the Friday before half term and we have opened our school gates to 180 grandparents who, having been revived from their journeys with refreshments, are entertained with a varied concert and then given a tour of the school. Grandparents Days are becoming an ever-increasing feature of the calendar in many primary schools and... Continue Reading →

The shy teacher

It’s strange sometimes.  Being shy.  And being a teacher.  As soon as you state your profession, some people immediately expect you to tell them what to do, organise them into groups and obviously to be an extrovert.  They then proceed to try to rile you into an argument by commenting on the length of your... Continue Reading →

A school with heart

The Times Top 100 Independent Prep Schools league table was published last week.  I am proud to say that Banstead Prep does not appear in it. Despite outer appearances, I am quite competitive.  A suggestion in a recent staff meeting for a league table of commendations awarded by each teacher made me fizzle  inside with... Continue Reading →

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