“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” Ernest Hemingway

Has listening become an elusive virtue?  Amidst the plethora of screen options that assault our senses every day, maybe it is not a particularly appealing one?  In today’s society, there are so many virtual reality options available that reality itself seems to have become less enticing.  However, despite the fact that parents are encouraged to... Continue Reading →

Do we really need to spend time teaching our children a dead language?

“Why do they have to learn French anyway?”I was in my first teaching post and this was the question that frequently took me by surprise - not from the children - but from the parents.  It was a school very different from the one I am in today.  I would have thought the benefits of... Continue Reading →

Any Questions?

Why “Any questions?” is not a very good question in the classroom. I’m sure we’ve all done it.  We come to the end of our introduction to the lesson in which we have outlined the essence of our topic and explained what needs to be done next, and we turn to the sea of expectant... Continue Reading →

My personal road to co-education

Anyone who was watching Have I Got News For You? recently, might have cringed when Ian Hislop made reference to what a group of ex public school boys are like when they get together.  Worryingly, but not unpredictably, he was referring to our current government and the sexism that still prevails in various quarters, albeit... Continue Reading →

A teacher’s trip to Ikea in the holidays (NB. no noticeable connection with teaching)

Ikea. Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. Ikea on a wet Sunday afternoon. My advice is simply, don't! But if the lure of the simple to construct, immaculately finished, on trend, slightly impersonal but nevertheless must have furnishings is too much to curb, then here is my advice: Avoid asking the assistants for any assistance! Any query as to the whereabouts of something specific... Continue Reading →

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